Thanks to its proximity to Asia and North America, Hawaiian cuisine is the perfect fusion of both cultures. As a self-proclaimed foodie, the quality of food in a location can make or break the trip for me. Luckily, I have not been disappointed by the food in my time on Oahu. So I’m sharing my top five places to eat on the island!

5. Tim Ho Won

I had no idea what this restaurant was but my boyfriend saw it and was very excited because he’d visited one in Hong Kong. This dim sum restaurant is Michelin starred and while the food reflects that the prices definitely do not. We shared four different dishes for only $30 including the tip. What’s the best dish on the menu, you ask? The BBQ pork puns are an absolute must-have – sweet rolls with a little crisp on the outside and savory pork on the inside. If you’re a fan of Chinese food I would highly recommend checking this place out!

4. Duke’s Lane Market 

Duke’s is technically more of a market but it’s a great spot to grab something on the go, if you’re in Waikiki, before adventuring through the island. For some incredible poke head on over to Spitfire deli located just inside. Not a seafood fan? There are pizzas, burgers, chicken plates, sandwiches, and salads also available for purchase at the deli. In desperate need of something sweet and/or caffeinated? Make sure you stop at the coffee shop in the store that sells everything from coffee and pastries to gelato and bubble tea. Duke’s truly has something for everyone!

Poke Bowl from Duke’s

3. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

If you’re planning on visiting the North Shore during your time on Oahu (and if you’re not, I would suggest making the trip anyway, just for Giovanni’s) food trucks are a must stop and Giovanni’s shrimp truck is one of the best. I recommend the Garlic Shrimp Scampi, their most popular item, as it definitely lives up to the hype. Oozing with garlicky, lemony, shrimpy goodness, it’s a yes for me! Take your shrimp to Sunset Beach or Waimea Bay Beach Park to avoid the food truck crowds and enjoy the sunset while you eat.

2. Eggs ‘n Things

The ultimate breakfast spot. Don’t let the name fool you, this restaurant is actually known for its amazing pancakes and clearly, everybody knows it. There was an hour and a half wait on a Monday morning when I went! But don’t be alarmed, their to-go orders come out pretty quickly. This popular breakfast and brunch joint has multiple locations throughout Honolulu but if you’re visiting the one in Waikiki, I’d recommend taking your breakfast across the street and eating by the beach. (Honestly just take all your meals to the beach. You are in HAWAII after all)! I ordered the Hawaiian sampler which included a trio of one coconut, pineapple, and macadamia nut pancake. All three were absolutely delicious but you really can’t go wrong with any of the pancakes. Oh, and order the coconut syrup, you’ll thank me later.

Hawaiian Sampler from Eggs n’ Things

My Top Spot: Marugame Udon

Okay, I’m going to admit we put off eating here until our last night because the line was literally around the block every time we walked past. However, I should’ve known the outrageous line was only an indication of how scrumptious the food is at this Udon eatery. After having it recommended by numerous fellow travelers, we decided to give it a shot. And honestly, it did not disappoint. My boyfriend ordered the Nikutama ramen and I got the chicken teriyaki bowl. The only downside was we did end up standing in line for about an hour, although I think it’s very much worth it for the food. However, if you’d prefer not to get increasingly “hangry” standing in line like some people (*cough, me), there is always the option to order ahead for pick up and avoid the wait. Whether you choose to dine in or pick up you have to check out Marugame. Just, promise me you will, okay?

Chicken Teriyaki from Marugame Udon

So there you have it! Don’t let food disappointment be a part of your Oahu adventure. I know you’ll love these picks as much as I did!

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  1. Eggs n Things may be my new favorite name for a restaurant. Also I loooooove poke and would definitely hit up Duke’s!

  2. Those all look like great options– they all look so tasty!! It has been forever since we have been to Oahu but we are itching to get back to explore more!

  3. Eggs ‘n Things sounds like a delicious spot! Breakfast on the beach sounds like a dream! I know where you would find me every day! Thanks for the great guide!

  4. I was just in Hawaii and visited Oahu! I loved the food there! One of my favorite spots was Basalt in Dukes Lane Market. I also loved Fumi’s Shrimp Truck on the North Shore. 🙂 Great suggestions.

    1. I’ll have to hit up Fumi’s on my next visit! Basalt looked amazing but I didn’t get the chance to eat there this trip. Can’t wait to go back and try even more of the local cuisine 🙂

  5. Food is such a vital aspect of my traveling so finding such cool eateries is always the best! Haven’t been to Oahu yet so thanks for this list!

  6. What what!? I did nottttt know there was a Tim Ho Won in Oahu. That’s awesome! I love poke and miss the food in Hawai’i so much — hoping to go back there again someday!!

  7. Everything looks so delicious! It has been over 10 years since I went to Oahu. I definitely need to go back to check out and taste some of these places!

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